Nitrile disposable gloves, particularly recommended for conditions of use where chemical and microbiological resistance and/or protection is required, as well as for people with latex allergies or sensitisation, or in food preparation.
Disposable gloves made of latex, a natural substance that provides a particularly elastic compound and is ideal for conditions of use where microbiological protection characteristics combined with excellent sensitivity are required. Particularly used in medical and dental practices and wherever it is important to wear a comfortable glove but not to use particularly aggressive chemicals.
Vinyl and synthetic disposable gloves, the most cost-effective solutions in the disposable glove mode, are recommended for low protection and durability conditions. Low risk of allergies or irritation.
Disposable gloves made of Polyethylene, a material suitable for contact with all types of foodstuffs and generally used for very short-term use, in supermarkets, at the counter and in petrol pumps.


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