Qualified and distinctive assortment in breadth and depth. Listening to trends and quickly translating them into new projects.


MYBRENTA the real-time App with commercial and administrative information at your fingertips, EXPRESS DELIVERIES increased management efficiency by optimising the warehouse level.


The ability to influence the quality aspects of the product by monitoring its conformity is a distinctive and recognised feature of our customers.


GUANTOCHEF offers less hand fatigue, increased sensitivity thanks to nitrogel formula +50% elastic no allergies – no sensitisation contains no latex and accelerators

NITROFORT optimally balances sensitivity characteristics with thicknesses up to 3 times thicker than an ordinary nitrile disposable glove. A choice rewarded by an increasing number of customers who have realised the advantages of NITROFORT gloves

NITROGEL LINE: LESS HAND TIRING WITHOUT ACCELERANTS Combines maximum elasticity and sensitivity, ease of use and dexterity of the hand (less fatigue), with 30% more thickness. Nitrogel is produced without accelerants – such as thiurams and carbamates – for better skin care and

Inspired by tradition, it offers an elegant and much appreciated style capable of enhancing dishes with particular refinement. 4cm edge, Bending resistant, Elegant style

Make your service unique, wide choice of customisation products, from glasses to salad bowls, from skewers to chopsticks. badges with customised aprons and chef hats, ask for our new customisation catalogue with all info and products.

A complete range of sac à poches to meet the needs of processing or decorating with all types of pastes. Stronger, non-slip or classic