High-density polyamide weave is the basis of the etamine filtration cloth, a functional tool in food preparations where filtration excellence is required. The etamine filtration cloth drastically reduces contamination as it is hygienic / disposable. It allows the preservation of the taste, texture and organoleptic characteristics of food due to its natural filter function. It allows the food to breathe in an aerated and filtered microclimate, prevents contamination and absorbs moisture and excess food liquids. Ideal for filtering broths (vegetables, meat, fish), oil purification, squeezing and wrapping dairy products, liquor filtration, butter clarification, wrapping/boiling meat and meatloaf, preparation of concentrates and sauces, infusion. The etamine filtration cloth also enables the preservation of fruit, vegetables and meat. Also available as a dispenser roll.
The refreshing and cleansing wipes are made of tnt with detergent with a delicate lemon fragrance.


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