Elegant lines and eco-sustainability inspire the lines of biodegradable pulp dishes. Durable and efficient they come from 100% renewable sources and can be used in both the oven (traditional and microwave) and freezer. Biodegradable pulp plates are paper recyclable, while Organic plates available in both pulp and paper are compostable and disposable in the organic.
Gourmet biodegradable pulp plates offer an elegant style capable of enhancing dishes with particular sophistication.
Modern and essential are the Bordofino biodegradable pulp plates. The strengths of this line are the clean shapes and flexibility of the proposals (thanks to the medium plate and the combination of holsters), the durability and the convenient price.
This is followed by √ątoile biodegradable pulp plates with an attractive, essential and convenient concept Classic pulp plates gather a very wide assortment inspired by common lines and is declined in round, square and oval pulp plates.
Our assortment of biodegradable pulp plates also offers Special plates dedicated to pizza, canteens and communities. Also with take-out trays.
The Organic compostable pulp plates and Organic compostable paper plates lines complete the assortment by offering compostable solutions that allow them to be disposed of in the organic.


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